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Welcome to our website!

SoleMate was founded by two very talented people in 2003 who identified the need to provide a better solution for reducing slips and falls in the workplace as well as to improve the personal comfort of hospitality, health care, and service industry workers who work for long hours on their feet -usually behind the scenes.

With backgrounds in ergonomics, work based rehabilitation, the health care industry and more than three successful companies under their belts there was no shortage of skills or expertise. The hardest part was finding a product that would not only make a real difference to reducing slips and falls, but was also backed by reputable research and wouldn’t overstretch our customers budget.

SoleMates aim is to provide you with innovative, cost effective products which you will love to use and which your body will love you for! The first rate reputation of our company is exceedingly important to us so we will only represent companies that equally have a great reputation for quality, performance and integrity.

We have expanded our range of products to include the BackFriend back support, Viscolas insoles / orthotic range, The MouseBean, PenAgain and anti vibration gloves.

We offer full technical support which includes visiting your workplace to assist with personal fitting, set up product trials and advise on product selection at no cost. Our technical staff all hold post graduate qualifications.

We all believe implicitly in our SoleMate products, the way that they have been made, and the people who have helped deliver them to you. And despite our continued growth we still know all our customers personally by their first name and can deliver 99% of product the same day as the order is received!

No matter which of our products you decide to try, let us know how you like it and what we can do to make you happier!

Our Mission Statement

The enhancement of human comfort, prevention of workplace injuries, and an ongoing commitment to providing innovative and unique solutions specifically promoting an improved quality of life.

We are committed to

  • ongoing research and sourcing of new products which specifically address the needs of our customer
  • 100% customer satisfaction or return the product in 30 days for a full refund
  • outstanding customer and technical service for anyone who purchases or prescribes a SoleMate product
  • attaining the best price without compromising quality, comfort or our customer guarantee
  • Judy Rynn and Alan Hatfield - Directors