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mb_end_on.jpgThe MouseBean® Hand Rest is designed to provide support, protection and comfort when using a mouse. Following detailed research into the causes of mouse-induced wrist pain, the MouseBean® Hand Rest tackles the problem by applying sound ergonomic principles, stylish product design and engineering.

Reduction of median nerve compression


The MouseBean® Hand Rest protects the delicate median nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. It does this by preventing the central part of the wrist from being pressed against a hard surface. The MouseBean® Hand Rest supports the hand on the soft fleshy parts either side of the median nerve.

Damage to the median nerve is commonly experienced as tingling or numbness in the thumb and first two fingers but can cause a variety of symptoms including burning and tenderness in the forearm and aching in the wrist joint. The MouseBean® Hand Rest can help to prevent serious nerve damage.

Correction of wrist angle

The MouseBean® Hand Rest elevates the forearm to maintain a straight wrist. This reduces stress on the tendons where they run through the carpal tunnel. Overuse of the hand and fingers when the wrist is bent can lead to tenosynovitis (inflammation of the covering of the tendons), a painful condition affecting the forearm. Resting


the forearm on the desktop can become increasingly uncomfortable.

Specially contoured body

The MouseBean® Hand Rest allows the wrist to rotate into a comfortable position and can be used on either hand. The gently rounded base allows it to slide on and off the edge of a mousemat without snagging.

Stress reduction

The MouseBean® Hand Rest reduces tension and stress in the hand, arm, shoulder, neck and back. Because the heel of the hand is properly supported,


the arm does not need to be elevated to move the mouse and this encourages upper arm mobility. Supporting the hand in this way also seems to reduce the need to grip the mouse too tightly. Constant tension in the forearm is a common cause of tenderness and burning sensations.

Psychological stress induced by pain due to bad posture and other factors, is an important issue in the workplace and the MouseBean® Hand Rest can help to break the pain/stress cycle.

Sliding fingertip control


The MouseBean® Hand Rest has a sliding coupling bar that connects to a simple stick-on socket on the rear of the mouse. Although some users never seem to discover it, this sliding feature allows the mouse to be moved with the fingers for fine detail work in art and design packages. This dramatically helps to relax the muscles of the hand and forearm and further reduces stress in the upper arm

Insulation and protection

The MouseBean® Hand Rest keeps the wrist away from cold surfaces as well as the sharp edges of desks and braceletsm.jpgmouse pads. It also eliminates pressure from wrist watches and bracelets, a common cause of aggravation which most wrist pads simply make worse.

Other benefits

Hygienic, non-toxic, removable, washable, soft pads can be replaced or swapped in seconds. You can easily create your own stylish combinations. The tactile surface patterns are designed to increase comfort levels in hot weather when hands can get sticky. The pads are very tough and should never need replacing in normal use.