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Pro-Tec Athletics offers more than 25 products, ranging from highly effective orthopedic supports to breakthrough innovations in cryotherapy. In addition to success in the volleyball and running markets, Pro-Tec Athletics benefits a wide range of sporting goods and sports medicine markets, including, but not limited to soccer, basketball, schools, athletic trainers, physical therapy, podiatry, orthopaedic and chiropractic clinics.

Furthermore, Pro-Tec believes in offering more than just a "product on the shelf." Injury guides, which offers injury information and strengthening and stretching exercises, are available with most products to offer the individual a complete recovery package.

Pro-Tec also takes pride in separating itself from the competition by:

1) Recognizing injuries that other manufacture­rs overlook.­

2) Product design that is unparalleled in comfort and effectiveness.

3) Being your injury information source.

4) Offering the best in customer service.

As an all-around leader for your sports medicine needs Pro-Tec Athletics is prepared to do what it takes to keep you injury free, "supporting" your active lifestyle.

Pro Tec products are available for

Hot/Cold Treatment 


Upper Leg & Back

Lower Leg & Ankle


Elbow & Wrist

­ ­


Ice-Up Portable Ice Massage $44.95      More info

Experience the benefits of direct, active ice massage: Effective treatments in 5-7 minutes versus 15-20 minutes for ice packs. Quick deep tissue relief for ligament, tendon, and muscular injuries. Immediate ice massage increases treatment effectiveness, speeding recovery.


Hot Cold Therapy Wrap – from $44.95  More info

Provides penetrating cold and/or heat for therapeutic relief.




Knee Patellar Tendon Strap  $32.95  More info

Compression on tendon helps to stabilise tendon and patella. Reduces strain to area and improves patella tracking.

Short Sleeve Knee Support  $39.95  More info

Warmth and compression promotes flexibility and supports the knee.

The Lift - Patellar Tendon Sleeve  $49.95  More info

Combines the benefits of patella tendon strap with the warmth and compression of a sleeve.

X-Factor - Knee brace  $54.95  More info

Provides joint stability with buttress for patella support and a separate adjustable layer.

J-Lat Lateral Subluxation Support  $64.95  More info

Guides patella into proper alignment with gentle pressure from the lateral to medial direction.

IT Band Compression Wrap  $32.95  More info

Alleviates conditions of Iliotibial Band Syndrome and provides targeted compression.

Knee Sleeve Open Patella  $25.95  More info

Relieves conditions of arthritis and alleviates moderate conditions of general knee pain.

Back of Knee Compression Wrap  $32.95  More info

Alleviates posterior knee pain caused by tendon or soft tissue injuries.

Hinged Knee Brace  $79.95  More info

Effective, form fitting support for patellar tracking issues, moderate ligament and meniscus tears, overall knee joint stability and hyperextension.



IT Band Compression Wrap  $32.95  More info

Alleviates conditions of Iliotibial Band Syndrome and provides targeted compression.

Hamstring Compression Wrap  $49.95  More info

Alleviates conditions of hamstring strain or tear.

Thigh Sleeve  $21.95  More info

Alleviates conditions of hamstring, quadriceps or groin strains or tears.

Back Wrap  $34.95  More info

Supports and reduces pressure to lower back alleviating conditions of muscle strain or lumbar sprain.

Sacroiliac (S.I.) Back Belt  $44.95  More info

Provides stabilisation to the hips and sacrum, reducing straing to the lower back.



Shin Splint Compression Wrap  $36.95  More info

Targeted compression during activity stabilises soft tissue and helps prevent further injury.

­Achilles Tendon Support  $39.95  More info

Compression pad stabilises and aborts stress to tendon


­Ankle Brace $34.95  More info

Provides support and stability for ankle sprains.

Ankle Wrap  $39.95  More info

Neoprene sleeve combines with elastic wrap to provide warmth, compression, and stability.


Arch Supports  $39.95  More info

This arch wrap applies upward compression to support and stabilise arch during activity­

Night Splint  $79.95  More info

Helps alleviate symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis (arch and heel pain) while you sleep.


Soft Splint  $64.95  More info

Helps alleviate pain & tightness in arch & achilles tendon (particularly good for Plantar Fasciitis).

Achilles Tendon Support  $39.95  More info

Compression pad stabilises and aborts stress to tendon.

Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads  $22.95  More info

Peel and stick application keeps pad in place as it supports and relieves pain in the forefoot.

Toe Protectors  $15.95  More info

Custom grade silicon toe protectors. One size fits all.



Elbow Power Strap  $32.95  More info

Alleviates conditions of Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, supinator muscle strain and tendonitis.

The Clutch Wrist Brace  $39.95  More info

Provides support for most wrist injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wrist Wrap  $15.00  More info

Provides warmth and support for minor to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist sprains.