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Benefits & Featurespro_tec_short_sleeve_knee_s.jpg

How it Works:

Short Sleeve provides compression to the knee region surrounding the patella. Alleviates conditions of tendonitis, chondromalacia, and arthritis.

The sleeve provides warmth and promotes circulation, enhancing the healing process. In addition, this brace has an infrapatellar buttress, which helps support the patella and may improve patellar tracking.

Design Theory:

Short Sleeve is not quite as hot or cumbersome as other knee sleeves because it is modified below the knee to reduce sweat. It includes an infrapatellar buttress, U-shaped tubing within a Cool Max material, to cradle the patella. The open patella is to keep unwarranted pressure off the kneecap.

"The Short Sleeve is the most effective knee support I have ever worn. It is supportive without being bulky or cumbersome" - Dax Holden, Pro Volleyball champion.

FREE Knee Injury Guide included with each support

Sizing - Measure circumference just above your patella (kneecap)




13 - 14½"  (3­3 – 37 cm)


14½ - 16"  (37 – 40.5 cm)


16 - 18"  (40.5 – 46 cm)


18 - 20"  (46 – 51 cm)