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The Technology

All SHOES FOR CREWS® footwear features their patented SFC III™ Slip-Resistant Outsole (gumboots are SFC II™).

This exclusive outsole is formulated from a unique compound that grips the microscopic roughness of the floor surface and has a tread pattern that channels liquids away from the bottom of the sole. The slip-resistance of all SHOES FOR CREWS® footwear is so spectacular that it will prevent virtually all of your slip & fall accidents.

SHOES FOR CREWS® Feature a Hi-Tech Design that's Slip-Resistant, Lightweight & Comfortable.


SFC III slip resistant Outsole SFC III™ Slip-Resistant Outsole

Our exclusive micro-channel tread pattern and innovative rubber compound grips wet and greasy floor surfaces with unbelievable traction.

Superior Manufacturing Superior Manufacturing

The sole is either stitched or injection molded to the upper for added durability.

Air Flow Technology Air Flow Technology

SFC insoles are designed to keep your feet cool and are ergonomically constructed for optimal support and comfort.

Torque Flex Midsole Torque-Flex Midsole

Developed for controlled flexibility and added support.

SFC Shock Absorber SFC Shock Absorber

Anti-fatigue insert reduces heel stress by dampening impact.

Cantilever Insole Cantilever Insole

This exclusive design provides spring-like shock absorption.